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I blame Madonna. THE POP star Madonna .
" Don't settle for second best ....." I hear this so many times as part of people's conversational lexicon it kind of annoys me .It presumes that there is always a first choice waiting out there.The perfect girl . the perfect bloke the perfect job the perfect family the perfect life.
Not going to happen. Not even if you are Madonna.Not even if are going to express yourself .I am presuming that whoever is reading this is , is familiar with the Madonna song Express Yourself.I know this is an Eighties flashback but hey the best era for music was the Eighties just because there was so much going on !
In the era of "I " this and "My" that  the last thing we need is a presumption that every thing needs to be perfect to be perfect.
Symmetry in the perfect sense is almost unheard of in nature .Look at a daisy, look at a leaf , study an insect and you will find that even though it is not perfectly symmetrical it still looks fantastic.
Look at someone or something you love and cast the cold critical eye and you will be shocked.Look for imperfections and you will find them.Straight lines are rare .Sometimes the faults are why you love them !!!!
The Chinese believed that demons could only travel in straight lines and that is why they have the curves on the rooves in traditional architecture.
I am with them man.No I am far from a nutty hippy but the idea of harmony , yin yang , complementary personalities , sweet and sour appeals to me.
Maybe as a chef I like the idea of different flavours , whoever thought of lemon and fish is a genius! One is a citrus fruit the other swims in the sea ...but a marriage made in heaven ...yum. ( just a simple example I know !).
I don't know that everything we pick is always the best for us. Sometimes providence or making the most of what we have is probably a key to fulfillment.
Second prize or last  I really don't care ,as long as I get to run.


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ricardo clemens
Lived a lot.Lots of interests.Believes in everything.


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